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Medium Gear Box

MTN Boxes are durable totes built to keep your outdoor gear protected and organized in the back of your rig. Made with the same construction process and materials as high-end coolers, you can count on a MTN Box to outlast the cheap injection-molded plastic bins you get from the hardware store, while not costing you a fortune like a Pelican.

The Medium MTN Box is big enough to keep things like tents, sleeping bags, and other larger hunting gear safe and organized while traveling to a hunt - but can be used to safely transport and store any number of valuable outdoor products.

It measures 95 quarts of usable storage volume and weighs just 26 lbs. It fits easily in the bed of your pickup and can be stacked like lego blocks on other medium boxes. Its outer dimensions are 30" long x 19" tall x 17" wide, with interior space of 27 x 14 x 14". Available with or without interior foam lining. All MTN Boxes utilize durable stainless steel latches that are easy to use, and securely keep your lid shut.


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